Top 5 Best Blackout Curtains For Apartment Windows

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Are you looking for the Best blackout curtains for apartment windows?

Are you looking for a window solution to blackout your apartment window?

Then, you are in the right place.

A few days ago a friend of mine just moved into a beautiful apartment.

She called me and said;

“Direct sunlight comes into her house and sometimes it disturbs her sleep and keeps the room warm/hot.”

She requested for her apartment window solution on not getting direct sunlight along with avoiding getting running city lights at night for better sleep during the day or night.

Based on her request, I have initiated my research on finding the best blackout curtains for apartment windows.

After thoughtful research and consideration,

I have shared some recommendations with my friend, and she provided very positive feedback and motivated me to share it with others who are in search of such a blackout curtain for the apartment.

As per the research of NAA , Nearly 39 million people in the United States — that is almost 1 in 8 — call apartments home.

And, the USA needs to build a minimum of 4.6 million apartment homes to meet growing demand.

So now the question is whether blackout curtains are really needed?

Do You Really Need Blackout curtains?

The simple answer is…

  • If you need a dark environment for sleeping and relaxing
  • Want to reduce outside noise
  • Want balanced room temperature
  • Want the best privacy

If you want these features for your apartment room then YES you need blackout curtains for your apartment home.

Are blackout curtains good for apartment windows?

Yes, blackout curtains are good for apartment windows.

But, How??

Blackout curtains help in…

  • Block direct sunlight and UV-Rays
  • Create dark environment
  • Reduce outside Noise
  • Balancing room temperature by keeps out heat and chill
  • Give great privacy

Best Blackout Curtains For Apartment Windows

#1 Thermal Insulated Silver Grey Curtains

Color: Multiple Color choice


Size: Multiple Size

Package: 2 Set curtain

If you are living in an Apartment and searching for a Budget-friendly blackout curtain and give modern and lovely looks to your window.

Then, Try this silver grey blackout curtain. you will love this curtain.

Silver grey is my personal favorite color.

Curtain comes with multiple color and size choice options. So, choose the color as per your lifestyle.

Don’t worry about Ratings.

It has great 42,300+ positive Ratings.


4.8 Star out of 5 Star.

blackout curtains for apartment windows

Key Features

  • Have a nice quality silver grommet for easy installation and to slide
  • The black liner makes drapers thick enough to block sunlight and UV Rays
  • Create a real dark environment for a good night’s sleep during the daytime
  • Best for baby room, Day sleeper and shift workers and thermal curtains for winter time
  • Reduce outside Noise
  • Balance room temperature by blocking outside Heat or chill
  • Extra cut down your Energy Bill
  • It has a Unique design
  • Easy care


  • Available in various sizes and color
  • Give great privacy
  • Best choice for a TV room, Gaming room
  • Best blackout curtains for apartment windows


  • Read washing instructions before wash

2 Unistar 2 Panels Stars Blackout and Sheer Curtain

Material: polyester

Brand: Unistar

Color: various colors available (curtain quality same)

Size: various size

Header Type: Grommet type

Just look at the Picture!!!

How beautiful these curtains are!!!!

This curtain has a beautiful design and a lovely look. It definitely enhances the beauty of your room.

These curtains have not only 4.8/5 star but also, have 780+ positive reviews on Amazon.

People love the style and design that curtains have.

Package includes 2 panels double-layer blackout curtain + 2 Tiebacks


this curtain comes with free 2 Tie-Backs per package.

blackout curtains for apartment windows


  • The design of the curtain is so Nice that It increases the overall taste of home decoration
  • Hollow out star curtains forming a starry sky look in the room
  • Looks beautiful and romantic even viewing from outside
  • Perfect for apartment window, living room, bedroom, kids room
  • Make room blackout up to 90%
  • Have a good sound insulation function( Say goodby to unwanted sound)
  • Machine washable
  • Best blackout curtains for apartment Bedroom


  • Not 100% blackout, make room up to 90% blackout(choose 1st curtain for 100% blackout feature)

3 LORDTEX Pom Pom Blackout Curtains

Color: Multiple Color choice

Company: LORDTEX

Header Type: Rod Pocket Header

Size: Multiple Size

Package: Set of 2 panel

If you are searching blackout curtains for apartment room windows that have great colors and have a unique design.

Then, You will love this pom-pom design curtain.

These pom-pom curtains come with great color choices (lilac and Teal color are my personal favorite check it once).

But wait for a second!!!

This curtain has a Rod Pocket Type header so, If you have another type of curtains rod then this curtain is not for you.

blackout curtains for apartment windows

Spacial Key Features

  • Made with 100% polyester material
  • Comes with 2 curtain panels
  • Block 90% sunlight
  • Energy Efficient and Thermal Insulated:
  • It simply means curtain blocks summer heat and winter chill. And, It helps in balancing room temperature.
    And because of balanced temperature, AC/Heater consume less energy and in final result energy, Bill will be reduced.
  • This thick and heavy curtain cover the full window and reduce outside noise
  • Machine washable


  • Available in various sizes and color
  • Block sunlight and UV-Rays
  • Reduced energy bill cost
  • Give more privacy
  • Easy to care


  • Blackout room up to 90%(for 100% blackout room choose 1st number curtain of my list)

4 Deconovo White Blackout Curtain Panels

Deconvo is a popular brand in the market. The quality of Deconvo curtains is great. That’s why people love their products.

Don’t worry if you do not like this white color.

This curtain comes in multiple-choice colors. It has a premium color collection like Royal blue, Greyish white and my favorite Navy blue, and many more.

And with different colors, different sizes are available. So, choose as per your lifestyle and requirements.

blackout curtains for apartment windows

Special Key Features

  • Available in Different sizes and color
  • Grommet type header
  • Curtain has foil printed wave lines with dots pattern
  • The curtain has silky, soft to the touch material
  • The curtain blocks the sunlight
  • Curtain provides utmost privacy as they are not see-through
  • Reduce outside noise


  • have lovely foil print design
  • Reduce heat lost in cooler months and reflect heat in summer
  • So, the energy cost will be reduced


  • Special treatment require

5  Deconovo 100% Blackout Curtains

Brand: Deconovo

Color: various colors available (curtain quality same)

Size: various size

Header: Grommet type

blackout curtains for apartment windows

This curtain comes from Deconovo Brand. It’s a very popular brand.

The material quality of the curtain is excellent.

People love to buy this curtain and that’s why this curtain has 1170+ positive reviews on Amazon.

Curtains come in 2 panels per package.

Curtain available in 7 various colors and 5 sizes. so, choose as per your lifestyle.

Curtains have a grey coating on the backside to enhance their insulating and blackout function.

The curtain is capable of Block Sun-Rays and UV-Rays.

This curtain has a lovely design and material so that this curtain is perfect for living rooms, kid’s rooms, and even bedrooms.


These blackout window drapes will ensure long, relaxing and undisturbed sleep

Give great privacy, they are not see-through

Maintain room temperature


Read Care instruction before wash

Final word on Best Blackout Curtains For Apartment Windows

I want to say these all are good quality curtains and worth investing money in them.

Now, I want to hear from you?

Which one is your favorite quatrain from this list?

Also, If you have any batter curtain choice just mail me or write it in the comment box.

I will update it.

thank you.

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