11+ Best Blackout Curtains for Gaming room

No matter:

How big Pro-gamer, newbie, YouTuber, or live game streamer YouTuber you are.

If you don’t have enough darkroom:

You won’t be able to enjoy game time to the fullest.

There is nothing more frustrating than light coming out from a window while playing a video game.

And I am Pretty aware of this scenario:

I can’t forget those days:

When I came back from the office and wanted to play a video game with my buddies.


The bright atmosphere in my room made our mood worse.

Do you know why?

It’s because of the thin curtains.

My window curtains are not able to block sunlight in the daytime and of course, street lights and vehicles light at night time.

“So frustrated I” realize:

I need a solution for my bright gaming room!

Happily, I find Blackout Curtains.

The Best part is that:

Blackout curtains block direct sunlight. This gives total darkness and makes the room comfortable for gaming.

For that:

I have done deep research into the different websites to find the Best “blackout curtains for gaming room”

And after some research:

I found some Best video game blackout curtains.

Want to know the best part:

This video game blackout curtains ACTUALLY increase my gaming experience. ( and my readers Too.)

And this is the Best gaming room curtains list that is only made for the gaming room.

Bestseller gaming curtains on Amazon

1 NICETOWN White 100% Blackout Lined Curtains

2 Thermal Insulated Solid Room Darkening

3 NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Solid Grommet

Now, The biggest question is…

Do we really need blackout curtains for game room curtains?

The answer is YES;


blackout curtains block sun rays in the daytime and street light or vehicle lights in the nighttime so you get a completely dark environment for gaming and it will increase your gaming experience 100%.

Also, It blocks unwanted outside noise. I write a complete buying guide on the Best blackout curtains.

Why Blackout Curtains are super important for game room window treatments?

#1 Blackout curtains help you cut out some extra energy bills.

Blackout curtains make a dark environment So, even in Low brightness of your device you can enjoy your game time.

hence, brightness is low then the device consumes less energy and finally, your energy bill will be reduced.


These curtains have an insulating function, which helps in maintaining room temperature.

#2 It reduces unwanted outsider Noice.

If you are in hurry Just check these Gaming curtains

Before I start Best gaming curtains reviews, If you are in a super hurry Just check these below Gaming curtains

#1 Blackout Curtains for Gaming Room

#2 Curtains For Game Room

These curtains have great quality material and really worth investing money in it.

Now, Its time to review the top 11 game room curtains:

Top 11 blackout curtains for gaming room

#1 Double Layer 100% Blackout Curtains

Curtains Feature

  • Brand: Flamingo P
  • Size: available in 6 Different size
  • Color: Navy (+6 color available)
  • Material: Faux Silk


  • Create a 100% dark environment
  • Block harmful UV Rays, Unwanted Sunlight
  • No chemical coating
  • Eco-Friendly Blackout curtains
  • Silk Feeling front Side with, Soft, thick, smooth natural woven material
  • Machine washable easy care
  • Best quality gaming curtains for gaming room

This feature makes these curtains: “Best game room blackout curtains”


  • Slidely costly, but batter than toxic cheap curtains
  • Extra Bonus
  • With having Blackout function:
  • It is sound-Proof, Thermal Insulated (Cutoff energy Bill)
  • Provide peaceful and private family time

#2 NICETOWN Top blackout curtains for gaming room

Curtains Feature

  • Brand: NICETOWN
  • Size: available in 10 different size
  • Colour: Navy (+22 color available)
  • Material: Fabric


  • Amazon choice curtains
  • Huge 52,340+ Positive Review
  • Block 85% – 99% Light and UV Rays
  • Reduce outside Noise
  • The insulating function helps to balance room temperature
  • Easy Machine Washable ( Read washing process on Amazon)
  • Use Dark color to Achieve 90-100% Darkness
  • Best game room blackout curtains and thermal insulated curtains for winter


  • 85-100% blackout in Light color (choose Dark color for the best experience)

#3 NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels

Curtains Feature

  • Brand: NICETOWN
  • Size: available in 12 different size
  • Colour: Navy (+15 color available)
  • Material: Polyester


  • Huge 25,000+ Positive Review
  • Create (nearly 100%) a dark environment
  • Block UV Rays and Sunlight
  • Reduce Outside Noice
  • No chemical coating
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy-Care blackout curtains
  • Read washing instructions and More Reviews on Amazon

#4 H.VERSAILTEX Gaming Curtains

Curtains Features

  • Size: 3 Different sizes available
  • Colour: 7+ color option available
  • Material: Polyester
  • Header Type: Grommet
  • Reduced Harmful Chemicals Certified: Yes


  • Thermal insulation
  • Noise-reducing properties
  • Less toxic than other chip curtains (certified reduced Harmful curtains )
  • extra saving in energy bills
  • Perfect curtains to achieve a Dark environment
  • The best solution to reduce bright street lights and the annoying horn of vehicles
  • Grommet Header make installation super easy

That’s why it’s the Best video game blackout curtains.


  • Cleaning Method: Dry clean only

What Buyers Says:

  • Curtains provide the perfect amount of room darkening
  • Highly recommended
  • Beautiful and elegant looks, worth for the money
  • Quality and perfect price
  • Rich looking

#5 H.VERSAILTEX gaming room curtains

Curtains Features

  • Brand: Latitude Run®
  • Size: available in 4 different size
  • Colour: 4+ color available
  • Material: Velvet


  • Give complete privacy
  • Thermal Insulation curtains
  • Noise Reducing curtains
  • 2 curtain panels included
  • Best gaming room curtains

What Buyers say:

  • Very happy with this purchase
  • Curtains are very beautiful and exactly what they looking for

Top 5 Best Video Game Curtains

when we talk about video game window curtains:

it’s nice, videogame theme curtains.

It enhances the game room look and makes the room very attractive.

But, these curtains also have some cons like:

these video game curtains are not totally blackout and in some cases, it not block sun rays as effectively as blackout curtains that I mentioned earlier.

But wait, It has a solution:

If you don’t want totally dark room or you just want video game theme curtains that look best in-room then these curtains are the best choice for you.

#1 Franco Kids Window Curtain Panels Drape

This curtain has 6615+ great reviews on Amazon and has Ratings of 4.8 out of 5.

Material: Microfiber
Brand: Franco
Color: Super Mario
Size: 82″ x 63″
Pattern: Super Mario

Key Features

  • made with 100% Microfiber
  • cute super Mario curtains will add a cute and playful look to your gamer’s room
  • made of soft and durable material
  • easy to care
  • best video game curtains

#2 Games Curtains Black Grey Headphones

It has good 248 reviews and also a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Also, it’s Amazon’s choice of curtains.

Key Features
It has more than 40 graphics like this

comes in 2 panel

100% polyester

a great choice for a gift

Best video game window curtains


  • 4.4 out of 5 ratings
  • multiple themes available
  • multipurpose curtains


  • not blackout curtain
  • not energy saving curtains

#3 Boys Gaming Window Curtains

This curtain comes with a 15 color option also this nice-looking polyester curtain has 4.5 ratings out of 5 on Amazon.

Material: Polyester
Brand: Nextchange
Color: Super Mario
Size: 42×84 inch

#4 Franco video game window curtains

Material: Microfiber
Brand: Franco
Color: Super Mario
Size: 82″ x 63″
Pattern: Super Mario

#5 Cinbloo Kids Video Games Curtains

this curtain is Amazon’s choice curtain. It has great 4.8 ratings out of 5 also 315+ reviews on Amazon.

Curtain Type: Rod pocket

Key Features

  • 100% polyester
  • Comes with 2 panel
  • Blackout 30-40% light

Best Gaming Curtains in the UK

These are the best gaming curtains in the UK. I did research and find the best curtains that are really worth for money in the UK(United Kingdom)

1 NICETOWN gaming blackout curtains

This is our first choice gaming room curtain.


because This curtain has all the features that a gaming curtain should have.

This curtain…

Looks good in a gaming room or gaming room bedroom

Create a dark environment for the gaming room

Reduce outside noise

Block sunlight during day time and Block street lights/vehicle lights at night times

If you are a night person and love to work at night or love to play a video game at night time then, this curtain is very helpful to you.

This curtain does not allow the light inside the room to go out so that the person outside does not know whether the light in the room is on or off.

If you are a live game streamer or YouTuber, This curtain is best for you. Because It reduces outside noise also gives batter privacy than other curtains.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple colors available(quality same)
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Give the best privacy


  • Not cheap price

2 Feelyou Gaming Curtains for Boys Bedroom

Material: Polyester, Polyester Blend

Brand: Feelyou

Color: Gamepad

Size: Multiple sizes

Pattern: Floral

This gamer curtain gives the full vibe of gaming in the room. That’s why this is the best gaming curtain in USA and UK and people love to put this gamer curtain in their gaming room or bedroom.

The curtain comes with a unique design that all boys/girls want for their gaming room.

Curtain available in multiple sizes so, you can choose curtain size as per your window.

With good looks, this curtain also has thermal insulation features. Curtains insulate against summer heat and winter chill to balance room temperature.


  • Give gaming vibes
  • Looks excellent in the gaming room
  • Best gaming room curtain in the UK
  • Balace room temprature


  • Not 100% blackout

This curtain has good look and good gaming prints but this is not blackout gaming curtains. If you are searching for a blackout gaming curtain then you can go with NO.1 on my list.

That curtain is the best gaming room blackout curtain in USA and UK and is also Budget-friendly.

3 Erosebridal Gamer Curtain Gaming Window

Brand: Erosebridal

Color: Gamepad

Size: Multiple sizes

Pattern: Floral

This gamer curtain has a nice print of a video game. This looks great in the gaming room and enhances the gaming vibe.


This is a modern fashion gaming room window curtain specially designed for adults, kids, gamers, and YouTubers.


  • Best gaming room curtains
  • Block 30-50% sunlight


  • Curtains have great quality and good looks but, It’s not 100%  gaming blackout curtains.

If you looking for a 100% gaming blackout curtain then go with NO.1 of my list.

The final word on blackout curtains for the gaming room

I hope you found this Top 5 blackout curtains for gaming room List interesting and useful.

And now I like to hear from you:

What’s your favorite: video game blackout curtains? also, tell me this gaming curtains List is helpful or not?

Tell me in Comment Box.

Also: I make the Best Red Blackout Curtains and White Blackout curtains 84 inches and the best blackout curtains for day sleepers List, Check this it will help you a lot.

Best Accessories that need with gaming curtains

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