How to get wrinkles out of sheer curtains: 7 Proven Ways

Sheer curtains help to circulate air and light in the room. Also, these curtains increase the positive vibes.

But when you buy new ones or take them out of your closet, you may have noticed that the curtains get wrinkled.

Which reduces the beauty of the sheer curtain as well as the beauty of your room.

So, to not compromise the beauty of your home decor, the wrinkles of the curtains must be removed.

How to remove the wrinkles of sheer curtains?

Ironing and washing are very popular ways to remove wrinkles from curtains.

But for that, you have to remove the curtain from the curtain rod.

Apart from that, there are many ways to remove wrinkles by which you can remove wrinkles without taking down the curtains.

Which can save you a lot of time. If the wrinkles are very stubborn, prefer the steamer or ironing method.

How do Sheer curtains get wrinkled?

Wrinkling on sheer curtains can be due to many reasons such as…

due to the packaging of the newly purchased curtain

Due to being folded and stored in the closet

Due to the tying of the curtain

Read this before implementing any method

Most all methods except the washing method use water or moisture indirectly.

So if there is dust on the curtain, using either method will remove the wrinkles but create new dust marks.

So clean the curtain before trying any other method other than washing.

For that, you can use a garment brush or vacuum.

So that the dust on the curtain is cleaned

let’s steam your sheer curtain

A hand steamer is the best process for removing wrinkles from curtains.

The main advantage of this process is that you can remove wrinkles from the curtain without getting curtains off the rod.

which saves time.

Thing you”ll Need

Hand steamer/ Steam Iron

A piece of thin cloth (if the curtain is thin)

Chair/ Step ladder

please Read Curtain’s manual before starting the Steam method. Find out at what temperature you should steam the curtains.

This is only a precautionary step.

Whether you steam a spot or steam the entire curtain, this method will surely save you time.

Set the steamer to the appropriate temperature and run it on the wrinkled part.

After steaming a part of the curtain, let it cool down. If you continue to steam on the same part, the material may be damaged.

If there are very stubborn wrinkles, sprinkle some water on that part and run a steamer on it.

If the curtain is thin, try this

If the curtain material is very thin, prevent it from coming into direct contact with the steamer.

The curtain material may be damaged.

Take a thin cloth on the wrinkled part and run the steamer on it.

If you are thinking of steaming the full curtain then,

Prefer the curtain washing method over steaming.

It will have 2 benefits.

1 will refresh your curtains.

2 The wrinkles on it will be removed.

If you don’t have a garment steamer, you can use a steam iron.

Prepare it by filling steam iron with water. Start steaming the curtain keeping a safe distance from the curtain.

Be careful while using garment steamer/Steam iron

Be careful not to let the steam iron touch the curtain

Avoid steaming in one place for too long

Hot water spray Method

Things you’ll need

Spray bottle

hot water

fills the hot water in the bottle.

Fill a spray bottle with hot water and spray the hot water on the wrinkles.

Spraying hot water will make the curtain moist and heavy.

So the wrinkles on the curtain will be removed gradually.

Repeat this method if the wrinkles are not removed in one go.

This method should be used when the curtain has a small number of wrinkles.

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